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    hello everyone,
    does anybody have a American Machine Tool Scroll Saw? My Stepfather gave me one he had it looks new i noticed it is from 1989 can you still get blades for it,sorry for asking a dumb question this is new to me.thanks for any info Darren

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    Hi Darren,
    Do you have any blades at all for it?

    Most scroll saw blades are interchangable, but it depends on whether or not it takes pin-end blades or plain-end blades...

    Most scroll saw blades are around 5"-long, but some manufacturers offer smaller blades...

    Maybe if you snap a photo of the saw, we can help you more!

    Best regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor


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      i will try to get a picture for you i know there heading to the Pocono's soon for the weekend.We didn't have room in the truck to bring it home.


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        I had (still do, but it's in storage) an AMT scrollsaw from around that era. Seems like I remember they had 2 models: a two speed induction motor and a cheaper one speed or variable (can't remember). The two speed took pin blades but it came with a pair of blade clamps that allowed you to use the plain-end blades. You clamped the blade in a jig, threaded the clamped blade into the saw, and then tightend up the tension with a knob on the back. They were a pain, though, as they would slip over diagonally. It would still cut, but not as good. To avoid that you had to really screw the clamps *HARD* (I wore out several Sears Craftsman long-handled allen wrenchs--I got my $$ from their warranty :-) ). The cheaper one I believe was pin blades only, but you might be able to get some clamps.

        Although not as good as the dewalts,etc., you could still do go work on it. One thing I did like about it was that it was relatively quiet.


        David Griffin
        Tuliptree Craft


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