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  • Drill Press Question

    I am curious about the minimum size drill press to buy. I will mainly be using it to drill holes for fret work but want to also be able to use forstner bits to drill for clock/picture inserts and use forstner bits the size of votive candle holders (to make nice candle holders).

    I also like to make pens so I will be drilling pen blanKs as well.

    Tell me what kind of drill press you are using and what you have been able to accomplish with it.



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    I have a 14" delta that I am mostly happy with. What you should be looking for are...

    1. Do you want a free standing for bench.
    2. What is the range and number of speeds.
    3. How much quill travel does it have (distance the arm moves the drill up and down).
    4. The distance from the column to the check (mine is 14").

    These are the factors you should consider and your intended uses wii dictate what you should buy. To drill holes in pen blanks you may not need much quill travel, but you will need a good jig to hold the pen vetically.

    My only real problem with my delta is that I don't like the on and off switch. They are not very smooth working at all.

    -Just do'in the best I can every day


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      For most of my scrolling work, I use a Dremel-dril press, which works well for scrolling and small holes, but not much else <GRIN>

      So I can't help you...sorry!

      Bob Duncan
      Technical Editor


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        The best thing I can sugget is getting the biggest drill press with as many speeds as you can afford. I too make hundreds of pens and not only do I drill out all my own blanks but I also use my 16 speed drill press for pressing the hardware into every one of them. That saves buying an expensive pen press.
        Eventually you will want to use some big forstner bits and the slowest speed will not only save your bits from heating and loosing their temper but you will have the power to do the job. High speeds don't take much power but low speeds do.
        Then for the tiny numbered bits you need the highest speeds. All the speeds in between will become usefull for various jobs. For example, I find medium speed is best for me for my buffing wheel that I use my drill press for.
        I got mine used from a newspaper adveritsement about 10 years ago. It cost half the price of a new one and turned out to be an excellent investment.

        The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us

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