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  • Drill Press Question

    I am curious about the minimum size drill press to buy. I will mainly be using it to drill holes for fret work but want to also be able to use forstner bits to drill for clock/picture inserts and use forstner bits the size of votive candle holders (to make nice candle holders).

    I also like to make pens so I will be drilling pen blanKs as well.

    Tell me what kind of drill press you are using and what you have been able to accomplish with it.



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    I think for the price, this one will do pretty much anything you will need. It is also available as a benchtop model. For scrolling,look for variable speed, and large swing. For drilling pen blanks, look for variable speed and stroke.For drilling various materials, like steel, to wood, acrylics and what-not, look for variable speed. Mine is , One of the few power tools I thing harbor freight sells that is worthwhile is a drillpress. I use mine for everything, from running a pin chuck with #67 drillbits, up to a 3 1/4 inch forstner bit, and everything in between. And yea, many pen blanks, and some steel at times too. dale
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      Hi Dan;
      I thought I had answerd this about an hour ago but I guess I must have just hit preview and forgot to hit send . . DUH !

      Anway, what I was suggesting was to get as big a one with as many speeds as you can afford. I also make hundreds of lathe turned pens and drill all my holes in them and I also use my 16 speed drill press to press all the hardware into the blanks which saves the price of getting a separate press for my pen hardware.
      You might not think it now but eventually you might want to drill some really big holes with forstner bits. For that you need the slowest speed to avoid taking the temper out of those big expensive bits by using too high a speed.
      On the other hand you need very high speeds to drill holes properly with those tiny numberd blades. And out of 16 speeds I find about the middle one is best for my buffing wheel I use on my drill press..
      A drill press with only half a dozen speeds will not be capeable of going as slow or as fast as one with more speeds.
      I got mine about ten years ago from a newpaper add. That might be something for you to look into before getting something less for more money in a new one. Mine was only slightly used and I got it for less than half price. I have never regretted getting industrial quality tools even though it took me a long time to learn that lesson.

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        Dan, not knowing where you hale from but if you have a tractor supply store close by they have a floor model with laser guide and multi speed that is a good buy for the money $140 to $160 if I remember right. A buddy of mine just got one last year and has'nt any problems with it. I think but not sure it was a " Clarke " . Steve
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          The one steve mentioned is a sufficient machine as well, I've seen it numerous times. Dale

          (this thread was posted twice, I replied to one, then saw the other)
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            Thanks for all the great info.
            I decided to get the Delta 17-950L 16.5" TwinLaser Crosshair Drill Press that was on sale at Lowes for $332.


            I got another 10% off that and used gift cards from christmas so my cost was only $200.

            After the fact I find out it has a rebate for a free porter cable 1/4 sheet palm sander!

            The only thing I dont like is it is only 1/2hp but for what I do I think that shoud be good.

            Thanks again,

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