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    Since I'm always curious about other peoples shop...figure I'd post a few pics of mine. Anyone else has some pics of theirs, feel free to add them, love to see what's going on.
    I built this shop myself, it is 32 x 40. Right now is winter, so the overheads have a wrap over them for extra insulation and wind reduction. The big cabinet beside my saw is 3 x 7 ..made it myself, it's very heavy duty and loaded with roll out shelving. I prefer the monster size because it allows room for large patterns to be laid out on. And yes, I have the coke fridge and sattelite tv, and sattelite radio too. Slows down the work, but makes it more enjoyable. I have drawers and drawers of scraps and patterns, magazines, tools, and the lumber rack on the one wall is 16' long from floor to ceiling.
    look closely and you can see the 4" dust pipes coming out of the walls.
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    Jeff Powell

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    This photo couldn't fit in the last text...this is my table saw setup...the outfeed table is also lumber storage.
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    Jeff Powell


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      Nice shop, Jeff. I'm jealous ...

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        Gees, I'm jealous!
        Nice shop Jeff (albeit WAY too clean).
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          I'm very jealous because for now I am using the kitchen table.
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            nice shop Jeff
            i truned a 12x60 older moblis home into my wood shop took out all inter walls and lined the inside wall with half round boards froms a venner mill i got all walls are cherry ash maple . It gives it a log cabin look the kitchen was 8in higher put a wall there and it is now the scroll shop cuts down on heating it is only 12 x 12 and it is a/c also . I will post some pics of it soon , One thing i have to ask how do you keeps your shop so clean ??

            hapy hoildays to you and your love ones Indiana saw man


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              If I had that much space I might be organized.
              Nice shop, you must have a nice size piece of property.
              We have about a third of an acre and codes that would prevent me from buidling another workshop.

              Stay safe on the roads. And have a great Christmas.!!
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                WOW, Now that's what I'm talkin about. Isn't that on my Christmas wish list?
                Great Playhouse Jeff.
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                  That is a very nice shop! I hope to build one about half that size in the spring when it starts to warm up a bit.

                  I don't know if you saw my message in another thread, but be careful driving this weekend with the big winter storm that is heading your way from Denver. From what I saw on TV it is heading your way.

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                    Awsome shop Jeff.
                    I am also envious.
                    Heck . . my shop is so small I sometimes have to step outside just to change my mind
                    But here are a few pictures of the inside of it.


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                      Jeff, your workshop is bigger than my house. And there's less dust too.

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                        I'm not too worried about weather, I have 2 million safe miles of driving in a semi, and have been through worse storms than what they just had in Denver. If it's storrming, I drive slower and then make more money because I am paid hourly...but I heard we will be just getting a dusting and that's it.

                        I do hope some more people will post some shop pics. A shop doesn't have to be huge to be nice, and my shop isn't spotless. When it's big, and you have alot of storage space, it's easier to stay organized. If you build, build bigger to allow for future tools and materials..I'm only 34, and I don't spend that much on stuff, but I am very thrifty. I did not clean the shop for these photo's, but I do wash and vaccuum after every project..with help from the 5 yr old. For some reason my little girl loves to clean and organize. She sorts all my small boards for me...I don't through away wood until it's totally junked out, I have several drawers that I always search through first before starting a new board. And yes Bob...if your thinking it..I built all them cabinets and doors with a router..including the raised panels on a PC 690.
                        Under my chopsaw is a little invention of mine, it's a dumping can for scraps and it's on wheels. the chop saw junk go's in it, and when it's full, i wheel it over to my front end loader and dump it into the bucket for the burn lifting and carrying scrap wood.
                        The counter for my chop and cross-cut saw is 16' long made of re-glued pine panels 1 1/4 thick from Lowe's...there is 5 panels put together, they were on sale for $10 each, so I jumped on it..otherwise I would have used melamine. Both those saws are on the same plane, so they use the same fence system and don't interfere with one another.
                        Jeff Powell


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                          great place you got there, my cabin is due in january and i cant wait for it, nothing like you area though.
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                            I bet you can make a really nice cozy scroller shop in that cabin. How big is it? be sure to send us some pics when you get it installed and all set up.
                            Jeff Powell


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                              Wow Jeff, you lucky devil. Of course, even if I had a shop like that I wouldn't know how to use half the tools in it, at least not safely.

                              But Jeff, no padding on the stools? You are one tough hombre.

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