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Delta P20 vs Dewalt 788

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  • Delta P20 vs Dewalt 788

    Hi all,

    I have a Dewalt 788 and I am having problems with the blades coming loose. I am not putting too much tension on it. I have even taken the set screw out of the bottom and filed it flat. That wil work for a little while.

    Does anyone own a Delta P20? Do you have the same problems with your saw?



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    Re: Delta P20 vs Dewalt 788

    I have the DeWalt and have had no problems like that ??? You might contact DeWalt and see what they say..... I posted this and then started thinking...dangerous I know ...I had a problem one time, I had tightened the blade into the bottom clamp and the top clamp wouldn't quite catch the blade, what I had done was put too much blade into the bottom clamp and that didn't leave enough blade for the top to catch and hold it....wonder if you are maybe just barely catching the top of the blade and thats why its coming loose?  anyway just a thought...told you it was dangerous


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      Re: Delta P20 vs Dewalt 788

      Hi Don,

      Clean the inside of the clamp with some paint tinner and sand it slichtly with some sand paper. Blades have a little oil on them.
      You don't have to sand the top of the blades, there is no burr. ( As someone told you on an other forum) Only on the right side of the teeth is a little burr. If you sand that off, you might dull the teeth.

      Mike M
      SD Mike


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        Re: Delta P20 vs Dewalt 788

        fretwork61, I have the Dewalt 788 and have never had that problem. HI-HO (Dave) suggested balancing the top and bottom clamping area. You may also want to check to see that your blade is seated all the way to the back of the clamp, and that it's vertical when it's tightened.


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          Don, I have the P-20 and have no problems with the blade clamps. The P-20 has the Quik set II blade clamps. They have a thumb screw that you adjust to the size blade you are using, once that is set you never have to change it unless you change to a different size blade. To clamp or unclamp the blade you just flip a lever to lock or unlock the blade. Try sanding the sides of the blade, just the part that goes in the clamps. Mick.
          Mick, - Delta P-20

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            I have a P-20 and have never had that problem, but I always clean the oil off the blades.
            Delta P-20 & Q-3

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              This is good advise these people are giving you about cleaning of the blades because what happens is they will loosen then snap when the saw is running and break.

              Now with that said I remember reading somewhere about the holders being of a soft metal and them cracking. It is a hairline crack and hard to see but when the screw is tightened against it it spreads. You may want to inspect them by installing a blade and shining a light around the clamp and checking for cracks or you may be able to even see daylight coming through an area it is not suppose to.
              John T.


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                I have a Delta P-20 also and have never had a problem with it. I also have a green colored scrillsaw from Europe I thik and have never had a problem with that one iether. May be your manufacurer has the answer.


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