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Dremel "Stylus" Cordless Rotary Tool

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  • Dremel "Stylus" Cordless Rotary Tool

    Has anyone else used the new Dremel "Stylus" Rotary Tool?

    We recently purchased this little gem and I believe it is one of those tools that others should know about. I am completing a review on the "Stylus" later this morning but figured I'd post some of the photos that will go along with the review.

    We tend to use rotary tools in the shop quite a lot, for a variety of purposes... so when this one appeared on the market it caught my attention. I immediately liked the idea of cordless and the design. The kit comes with a nice compact recharging cradle as well.

    Might be worth while checking out if you are looking for a rotary tool, and for others who have tried it, I'd be interested to know what you think of them too.

    Take care
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    Looks like a handy tool Toni.

    The cordless feature would make it perfect for craft shows where you just have to do a little touchup or drill a pilot hole.

    Thanks for brining it into the light
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      I saw the commercial, and it looks nice. I'm sure alot of people will be buying them up. Personally, I've had issues with my old dremel breaking, and I don't like the fatness of the tool. Having a handle would make it even harder to carve with. My wife bought me the fordom kit, now that's the bomb.
      Jeff Powell


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        I've always been put off these sorts of tools by reports that the batteries aren't terribly durable. However, I haven't tried the latest Dremel offering and I'll be interested to hear how it performs in the longer term.

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          Jeff, I simply can't afford the Fordom products but have admired them. Having experience working in the dental field, I'd love to have the opportunity to use a small pen like handset similar to the dental equipment. Unfortunately, it isn't available to me on my finances. The Dremel Rotary tools have been very reliable to us, and I have used them extensively over the years. Of course I managed to burn a couple out, but I don't hold it against Dremel ... afterall, I must consider the hours of useage and my habits of equipment maintainance before being critical of the manufacturer.

          Gill, the battery in the Stylus has been excellent. We have the cradle plugged in and the Stylus sits, waiting and charging when we are not using it so it has always been ready to go.

          Take care


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            Dremel multitools have always seemed a bit overpriced to me not to mention their accessories .. I can see the usefulness of having a cordless tool in some situations but that one looks a little "chunky".

            I picked up a Craftex mulitool from BusyBee recently which included a 3' flexishaft and about 160 bits and bobs for about half what that Dremel is selling for - not sure how long it will last but for C$35 I'll take the risk ...

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