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    are there any blades for cutting stone available?

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    You can cut thin stone with the diamond blades, though you might need to keep the blade wet. Hawk used to have a accessory (water drip and catch) available specific for this purpose. Look at which claims to cut stone, tile, glass, and etc. There is also a link from that site that shows how to create the drip tank setup.

    Interestingly, there is a saw similar in function to the scrollsaw that is made specifically for cutting glass and stone. It is the gryphon wire saw. The blades are omni directional, so it cuts like a spiral does. I wonder if the Gryphon blades could be made to work in a scroll saw. They are 7" so would have to be cut down but they are a fraction of the cost.

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      I have one of the Gryphon diamond wire saws. I don't think the blades would fit into the holders on a scroll saw. They are considerably thicker and round rather than flat. Good thought, though. I can tell you that it is necessary to keep the tile and blade wet while you are cutting stone, tile or glass. The heat of friction will do you in otherwise. It's also true that the blade is omnidirectional, but not nearly as difficult to use as a spiral blade in a scroll saw.

      There are some glass studios that teach and that allow you to use equipment for an hourly fee. That may be your easiest and cheapest way to get the stone cut.



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        Is it safe to use water on a scroll saw [shock effect ]


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          I have cut soft stone using a short section of 1/8" band saw blade in my scroll saw. Lots of dust!
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            I would not do it with my saw. The abrasive will get into every thing and trash your saw.
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