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Hegner Model #m22v Like new with stand

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  • Hegner Model #m22v Like new with stand

    I have called a man that is selling this saw near me for a great price. I am moving up from a Delta that I don't much care for. I have seen the Blog Critique and other postings about this saw. I am going to see this saw Monday that belongs to his mother in-law and was used very little. What should I look for befor I buy it? What might I add to get the most of the saw.
    How do I tell it's age? It appears to have a black dust port that folds down, the table is slotted and has a black tensioning knob for the top blade position. When I bring it home I am going to call Mike at FD and get his accessories. A bunch more of my favorite blades. His Air Blower and Quick Release are top of my list.

    Do I need the two other sizes of clamps? Is the Advanced Machinery QuickClamp for Hegner Scroll Saws the best way to go? I am sure I will come up with more questions but this is plenty for now.


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    Hi Tom,
    Make sure to get the arm what holds the down hold.
    That is were you fasten the air hose I sell.
    FD Mike
    SD Mike


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      Make sure to get the arm what holds the down hold
      FD Mike I am confused. I have seen your air mod that screws to the left of the upper arm. In the photos of your setup and the saw I am going after there seems to be everything I need. I bolt your setup in place, move the hose and I am all set No?
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        I think I understand. You refer to the hold down arm that is stationary, painted silver that is bolted with two cap screws to the high-vis orange frame arm for the hold down.


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          think I understand. You refer to the hold down arm that is stationary, painted silver that is bolted with two cap screws to the high-vis orange frame arm for the hold down.
          That is right Tom. Make sure you get that arm. Almost nobody uses the hold down but they leave the arm on the saw.
          FD Mike
          SD Mike


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            Tom, I bought a used, but like new, multimax 18 vs. From a widow lady. I thought the price of $400 fair, and made a 10 hour trip to fetch it home. Some lessons learned from this endeavor. First, don't turn the saw on to see if it runs if has set awhile. Remove the shield, just 1 screw, under the left side of the table. Examine the black connector plastic connector ARM to be sure it isn't cracked at either end. Apply light machine oil to the top and bottom bearings in the connector ARM. If the bearings are dry, turning the saw on could crack the arm, which is not cheap. Look at the top arm. Does it have the tension release lever at the front? Newer saws do, and the upgrade is very pricey. After you are sure the bearings are lubed, you can mount a blade and make sure the saw runs with no vibration and the variable speed also works as it should. Take your favorite blades with you, and some pieces to test cut. Don't be shy about trying the saw out.
            My experiences weren't what I had hoped for. I didn't do what I just suggested you do, and I ended up with a saw that I have now invested over $400 in replacement parts and upgrades in addition to the original $400. I still cannot cut for more than 10 minutes without the blade breaking at the bottom holder. Next saw will be an Excalibur to sit by my DW 788.
            Good luck my friend, and let us know how you make out.
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            I wasn't born in the south, but I got here as fast as I could!

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              Thanks for the heads up

              You give sound advise. That connecting rod is likely to be made of fiber reinforced plastic. I will look at this in particular when I see it and take tools to get at it and apply oil in any case. This part is 50 some dollar part and requires lubing from time to time even if they are precision sealed roller bearings.
              The saw is the same one in hotshots Hegner Critique
              I also have a shot at an Excalibur Ex-21 and am not shy about walking away but I just feel this is a better made saw. I like how the Germans put tools together and am ticked off at American always going offshore. I know Excalibur was once Canadian but I have read they too are offshore now. Some features are a wash but I do like the clamp system on the Hegner.

              I am retired and just want to have fun.
              For your problem ... Blade Clamps come in different sizes. I would call Advanced Machinery if I had your troubles.
     if I had your problem.



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                Blade Clamps come in different sizes.
                Aha moment. Thanks.


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                  Thanks all for your replies. As it turned out the saw was as new. No dust, rust, nicks or scratches anywhere. It turn out to be a 20 year old 18v but whats in a few inches or years. No vibration through the speed range, cut tight corners like a dream . A wonderful saw overall. No CHANG TYPE Industrial Co., Ltd. nightmare. The couple was solid on the price. The variable speed soft start and the squirrel cage motor alone was worth the price of the saw so I took it. Wow is it an improvement.
                  From all I have read Advanced Machinery is great to work with.
                  My Rockwell Delta woodworking machines from the late 40's and 14" band-saw from the 80's are keepers. But forget about getting a call back from a Delta rep even when I pinned him down at a Ventura trade show. Want a table-saw? I would buy Laguna, German or some locally represented machine. Save yourself the aggravation. Delta has no idea the damage they have done to their reputation or do and just don't care as I found out.


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