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Shop Fox and straight pins

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  • Shop Fox and straight pins

    I have just started using the Shop Fox and find it to be a great little Scroll saw, for doing most work. What I am having a problem with is some fine fret work and trying to use the optional straight blades because the pinned blades need a larger pilot hole. Has anyone had success with the straight blades on the Shop Fox? If so give me some hints.

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    What kind of problems are you having with the plain end blades? 99.9% of scrolling is more readily accomplished with plain end blades. Pin end blades are OK for some things, but plain end blades are available in a much wider variety of sizes and tooth configurations that give you a lot more flexibility and produce much smoother, finer cuts.
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      Go check out Mike for Flying Dutchman blades.
      They are, in my honest opinion, the best available.
      I'm not affiliated with Mike, but he is a great guy to do business with..

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        Actually the problem is not with straight blades it is with the adapter that comes with the Shop Fox. When I finish one small section of fretwork and have to remove the blade from the top adapter, to reposition the blade in a new hole, the bottom part of the adapter seems to always fall out and it is difficult to reset the entire thing. Maybe I am doing it wrong. If any of you Shop Fox users out there are using a straight blade with that adapter, let me know if it is a problem with the adapter, or my lack of patience.


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          Try this Scroll Saw Retrofit Items He might have some decent adapters to fit your saw.

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