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    I am having trouble keeping the blade tight because the bottom holder is letting the blade slip. I have replaced both the wing nut and the torx screw on the other side. The saw has been good but is well used. The new Dewalt are made overseas, Has anyone had good performance with them? Has anyone used the Excalibur (EX21) long enough to know if it stands up to lots of cutting? Thank you>

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    I don't know beans about a dewalt I have a Craftsman but I have had the same problem and I can tell you how I fixed it , then maybe you can fix yours and keep on using the saw. There is a screw on the left side of holder for inserting the blade that you tighted right ? right. well there is also a screw on the right side that is for making the blade sit in the center of the holder. Right? right. Okay check both the screws and see of there is a bur on one or both of them.. A little sanding will fix that problem you are having. Sometimes the burrs are just a hair high so it won't hurt to do them both- better safe than sorry. you can also make sure that the right set screw isn't protruding out to much causing the blade not to get a sure hold. the set screw should be flat against the holder wall.
    This has fixed many a saw that some had a lot of trouble with and this is how I fixed mine and many others said it fixed theirs too.
    Hope it helps



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      In addition to trying some of the things suggested for your blade slipping out of the bottom clamp, try wiping the top and bottom of your scroll saw blade with a tissue. If there is oil on a new blade, you will see it on the tissue. I use Flying Dutchman blades and you will see the oil on the tissue from these blades. Most manufacturers of scroll saw blades put oil on them to keep them from rusting. Also you may have some oil on your blade clamps, can't hurt to check.................

      Gary DW788 & Hawk G4


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        I keep a scrap of 220-grit sandpaper next to my saw and run it on the ends of the blades; I paint the top end of the blades when I open a dozen, so I don't have to fumble around figuring out what way is up or down. The first few I put in were slipping out until I realized that the paint was flaking off. After I removed the residue from the clamping screw, I started sanding the ends a little bit to make sure it was bare metal.



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          That's a good idea to paint the tops of all of your blades when you open a new dozen. I would only have to look at each blade once, with my glasses off. Another suggestion is to paint the top 5 or 6 teeth of each blade as it won't interfere with the blade clamps and those top teeth never get used anyway.................


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