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  • blade problem

    hi all my blade is more forward at the top than the bottom when i test it with a bit of timber it cuts at the top first could this be the reason that it cuts on a angle so if you cut a circle it will not push back through i have made sure the blade at 90 can any one please help me with this and tell me what i need to do thanks all have a good day

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    Yes, it could be the problem. What kind of saw do you have? The solution will probably vary depending on how the saw is assembled and what kind of clamping system it has. Unfortunately, it isn't something that the manufacturers generally allow for in the normal set-up and adjustments of the saw, so there may not be a simple solution.
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      hi bill i have a dewalt 788 just cant seem to get the set up right its ok on thin timber but as soon as i try thick wood it dont fall out it gets stuck if anyone knows how to fix it please let me know thanks everyone all the best dave


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        Dave, if the cut-outs don't fall out, it's because your blade is not straight up and down from all sides, so you are cutting at an angle where the bottom of the cut is smaller than the top -- as you have noticed. That angle can result from you pushing it while cutting, or, as you say, you are starting out with the blade not being straight up and down. You are going to have to figure out how to adjust that blade so that it does not lean forward. I don't have the same saw as you so I don't know how you would make that adjustment, but your specific question is how to get the blade to be 90-degrees from all angles. You might try calling the company or doing a google search for adjusting the blade angle on the DeWalt saw.


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          The problem you describe has been persistent in some Dewalt saws for the past few years. It appears on some saws and not on others. Unfortunately, the manufacturer appears to ignore the problem and doesn't offer any means to adjust for it. There have been some folks who have removed the top or bottom arms and slotted the mounting holes in order to get enough adjustment to straighten up the blade travel. There may be other alternatives as well, but they will likely involve your own desire to tinker with the mechanics of the saw, to some degree.

          Check out Rick Hutcheson's website. He has bult up quite a library on Dewalt fixes. I think there is some info on there regarding this problem as well.

          Rick's Scrollsaw

          Good luck!
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            thanks guys for your input i will have a look ricks scrollsaw and see what i can do all the best dave


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              It shouldn't be hard to correct the problem on your DW788, depending on how much adjustment you'll need to make. When Dewalt replaced my worn out 788 with a new one, under their complete rebuild policy, I found the table was too low in the rear. I unbolted the rear table support, (just 1 bolt), then used a wooden shim to raise the clamp support, and rear of table until it was square with the blade. The adjustment was sufficient enough that I was able to drill a new bolt hole. I drilled through from both sides then replaced and tightened the bolt. It was an easy fix. Too bad Dewalt doesn't correct this defect with a way to adjust the front to back angle of the table.
              I hope my explanation is clear enough, if not let me know and I'll try to be more lucid.
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                hi i have tried a few things now to try a correct it and still no luck but thanks to sawman101 i will try your way and raise the clamp support you have explaned very clear thanks i will give this a go and let you know how this works out thanks again to everyone who has tried to help me with this hope to get it sorted soon as its driving me nuts now lol


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