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    I just bought my first real scroll saw. when the switch is turned on the arm barely starts moving then gradually picks up speed. The capacitor checks good. Is the slow starting normal for a hawk 220vs??

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    I would check the bearings first,(WITH THE SAW UNPLUGGED,of course), and if the motor seems free and easy to turn, then I'd check the manual to see if your saw is wired for AC 220v. If the motor is hard to turn, the disconnect the belt and see if its easier to turn. If it is then some part of the arm mechanism is probably binding, maybe some packaging material is where it shouldn't be.
    If none of this helps, the other guys on the forum will have a number of things for you in the next couple of days.


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      Hawk 220vs

      That is an AC drive and does not have the best speed regulation. It does take a little bit of time get up to speed. Mine takes about (Guessing) 2 seconds to get to a setting of half speed. Next time I am in the shop I will check mine more accurately. You will also get some buzzing in the first half the ramp to preset speed and is worse at slow speeds. I also have a 226 ULTRA with the DC Drive and that is a different world. Good Luck. JIM L


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