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    Just bought the dome sander for bowls and it worked great! Used the 60 grit sleeve and now I want to change to the 120 grit but how do i deflate the bladder so I can change sleeves?
    Tried inserting a small rod in the shank but nothing happened.
    The instructions only say how to inflate nothing about deflating.
    Thanks for a reply.

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    I Googled for instructions and found a page that contained, among other information, the following:

    To release air from the drum, slowly undo the hex nut until sufficient air escapes, then quickly tighten the hex nut.

    Hope that does it for you!


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      Bill, Patte is correct. Just loosen the hex nut, tilt the stem slightly, and it will deflate. Remove the sleeve and re-tighten the hex nut. Some of the other inflatables use set screws to release the air, but this one is real simple and requires no tools.

      If you have any other questions about the sander, you can always call King Arthur's tools (they are the distributor) for reliable answers.

      I have the mini dome sander, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. It should be good for the tighter curves you get with square and petal shapes.

      And don't forget to post pictures of your bowls.

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