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DeWalt Scroll Saw - Sticks, Can't Find Problem....Help?

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  • DeWalt Scroll Saw - Sticks, Can't Find Problem....Help?

    Can anyone help with this, please?

    I have a DeWalt [Type 2]; it's about 18 months old, not heavily used (I make a few fish now and again), so out of warranty. I'm hoping to avoid expensive - and possibly unnecessary - repair charge and accompanying 150 mile drive!

    Problem is, it sticks. Dead. This is relatively recent ( few weeks). I'll make a cut, go to make another, and nothing. I eventually found that turning a screw on the back of the motor housing would fix it - for a couple of minutes! Having to do this every couple of cuts is maddening. Can often do it by pushing on arm with thumb, but can get hurt that way, too.

    I've read what I can find here; the only relevant post is this one [] which suggests that the screw fix I describe is all you can do! This seems ludicrous, especially at the cost of this tool. The suggestions at Rick's tune up don't address this either.

    I use a foot switch, so the posts and suggestions regarding the switch don't apply to the problem (I've cleaned the switch, too, and it's taped). I've taken out the brushes, and blown in compressed air (canister type), replaced brushes same way around. Their ends are worn to a curve, obviously, but lots left. One had tiny area of brownish deposit on top surface, which I removed. I don't see how it can need a new motor, as it works fine when it is unstuck.

    I'd like to know more bout what that screw at the back of the motor housing does, too - but as you all know, the manual is almost useless.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Is it possible the saw is grounding out and fussing with that screw resolves it momentarily?
    Sorry I'm not much help other than that.
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      You might give them a call. They have a 3 yr limited warranty. DW788 20" Variable-Speed Scroll Saw | DEWALT Tools

      Have you tried it without the foot switch to rule out the problem there? Mine only lasted about 11 months before they had to replace it and I didn't like the replacement they sent either.


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        Before going further, I would check out to see if it is covered by the 3 year warranty. Mine said the warranty was for 1 year, but it appears that they have changed that.

        If not covered, have you checked the armature for burn spots or deposits? If there was a spot on a brush, there might also be something on the armature.
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          Sounds like a bad spot on the armature.
          Bob making sawdust in SW Louisiana
          with a EX-21


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            Check out the warranty first. If it is not covered have the moror checked by a electric motor repair shop. It sounds like a dead spot on the communtator. If that is the problem they can likely repair it or rewind the armature for a lot less than a new motor from Dewalt.

            Just my 2 cents.



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              Thank you all!

              I have called DeWalt - the guy there was pleasant, but said I should take it to their repair place - no way to know if it's covered by 3-year warranty until they look at it, though....hmmm......he said it might be.

              Janette - thank you, but I have tried it every which way! It's the same with or without the foot switch.

              Yes, armature/commutator sounds likely, but I wouldn't know how to access/clean it. If it's not under warranty, I guess I'll try the electric motor repair tip from Tom. Anyway, thanks again - I was pretty sure it was the motor, and you've all confirmed that. I wonder why it would be, though? It's not very old, and hasn't had heavy usage.

              This saw's been a disappointment for the price, and I'm wishing I'd bought a cheaper one. I guess I'll be driving it to the repair place, and be without it for a month. So it goes.

              Again, thanks to all for your prompt replies and suggestions.


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