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My new hold down foot

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  • My new hold down foot

    Hi all not sure if this in the right section ,but I was having probs seeing the light after I set up a halogen lamp on the none moving arm on my Hawk so i had a brainwave to make a new hold down foot, It was a black one that came with it .my brainwave involved some clear acrylic and some heat from my mums embossing gun(very high heat) and end result works rather well so well I might even suggest it to Hawk.. Next version will be one piece of 6mm/14inch acylic instead of 2x3mm bits but as its my 1st try I think its ok ..
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    i would post a pic of mine but I'm not sure where it landed when I unpacked my saw.
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      Real clever idea, I like it.



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        That is a great workaround. However most of us just remove the hold down foot as it just gets in the way.
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          I echo Mike. I can't imagine how I would cut my puzzle pieces with the hold-down device in the way. More power to you if you feel you need it but, to me, it's a needless safety device. You can touch the fine blades I use for 1.4" wood while they're moving and you'll withdraw your finger well before it could cut you.

          Good luck..... Carter


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            Very clever and a great idea, but as mentioned above most of us lost our hold down foot before we even started the saw.
            By the way you take great photo's !
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              Thanks All


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                It was ordered by OSHA that scroll saws needed an hold down.
                With good speed and slow feed rate it takes very little pressure to hold the wood down.
                FD Mike
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                  You should have shown them the picture of the OSHA COWBOY ,No your probably better not , Those people live in the perfect world ,There part of the elite GIFTY few WHO HAVE THE ABILITY TO PICK UP A TURD BY THE CLEAN END ,PLUS they HAVE THE POWER TO STICK IT IN YOU A__ and FINE you to boot! Just look at all JOBS they Have created over SEAs You can't get Hurt on a JOB you no longer have ,I am so happy to HEAR I"M FROM THE GOVT. AND I'M HERE TO HELP YOU!
                  Just my rant for the day! M.V.B> Carl
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                    necessity is the mother of invention..... or something like that...


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