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  • Blades I have known

    Haven't seen any discussion about this topic, so I thought I'd bring it up.

    It seems like some blades are ill-fated, refusing to hold a line or make a precise turn, cut slow and even screech at times, and end their lives prematurely. Others cut smooth and true, go like a hot knife through butter, and seem to last forever. Once, I cut almost a whole 200 piece puzzle on one blade. It was okoume, but still...

    Whenever I have a blade problem, I always check tension, and if I still have problems, I put in a new one. The other morning, I ran through four blades before reaching a "oneness" with my blade.

    So what do you guys think? Is it operator error or do some blades just not cut the mustard? This is a non-sectarian question BTW because I've had this issue with a couple of the major brands.


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    Personally Pete, I think it's poor quality control. Ya gotta admit, scrollsaw blades are inexpensive. When the manufacturer is getting only a couple cents per blade they probably aren't going to use much valuable time inspecting each batch. I would rather spend a few more pennies per blade and have more consistency.

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      Pete, I have found bad blades in the same batch. Some will cut good for just a few minutes and others I can cut with for a long time. I have tried several different brands and will still find some bad ones.
      Maybe Mike M will jump in here and shed some light on this subject.
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        It'd be great to be able to tell a bad one with a visual inspection, as that would save some time and aggravation. I look and can't tell a thing. Don't really know what to look for, I reckon.


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          Im glad you asked that, it happens to me and i always though it was my fault.

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