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  • Dewalt vs Dewalt

    Hello all hope your day is going well.

    I have just about saved enough to my a new scroll saw.
    Wish I could go for a Excalibur but that is to much for an already stretched budget.

    I have read about the 2 different dewalt saws (new version and the old version) and am wondering how you can tell the difference between the two?
    Is there a different model number digit on the numbers or is it a WAG?
    Also have read that the Delta 40-690 (?) is about the same.
    Are there differences in the Delta also?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.
    Can't wait to get a new saw.
    Tired of broke down used ones.


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    The old (type 1 ) saw will actually say type 1 on the motor housing where the model number and serial number are displayed as will the newer type 11 saw will say type 11.

    The new delta is a clone of the old dewalt 788, with a new paint scheme as far as we can tell this is the only difference. Hope that helps with your confusion.
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      the dewalt quailty was not the best for a while there so Dewalt was set to discontinue the DW788 and replace it with the Delta. Now Delta is its own company again. But the idea was that Delta could make a better saw from a quailty stand point. So thus they made a clone. But now they have thier own saw again.

      The type 1 - will say type 1 on the motor and the year as well. If it says type 2 its probably made over seas and the quailty issue affected these saws. But I have a type 2 and have had no problems with it. So hope that helps.


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        Yes the motor plate will have the Type and where made. Type 1's were made in Canada. Type 2's were made in several far east countries. Some better them others.
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          Thanks to you all for responding.
          Was exactly the answer I was looking for, helps clear the muddy waters.


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            After having DeWalt for 11 years - I'd save a bit longer and go with the EX if you can. My Type 11 DeWalt was replaced twice and the third one I ended up with still wasn't very good after less that 9 months of use - so now I have an Excalibur and am very happy with it.


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              Thanks for the input Janette.
              Your intarsia is part of the reason I want a better saw.
              So I quess this is all your fault. LOL.


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