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Got my dremel flex shaft!

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  • Got my dremel flex shaft!

    I got my dremel flex shaft last Monday but didn't even open the box until yesterday!! Finally got it all set up. I took everyone's advice and got the keyless chuck and a foot pedal. I think I'm going to like this!!!

    Flex Shaft.jpg
    Cathy in NE

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    Nice set up there.One thing I noticed was the support for the Dremel,I have mine where it is adjustable in that I can raise or lower it when using different bits.You could use a small link chain.


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      You have a similar set up to me Cathy only you are much tidier than me. Must be woman thing. I wouldn't be without my flex shaft it makes life a lot easier to get into those arkward areas. Haven't got the keyless chuck yet but it's on my shopping list. Nice tip about the link chain Tony, I'll get on that.
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        I like your setup! the shelf bracket is a great idea. My shop is in the basement so I just have a screw eye in the ceiling joist.
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          I saw a video where a guy was using a mechanism to support his Dremel. With his support he was able to lower and raise the Dremel similar to the way a window shade works. I thought that was neat but I haven't found out what that device was.

          Does it sound familiar to anyone?


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