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broken lower bushing support Henger Multicut 1

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  • broken lower bushing support Henger Multicut 1

    Yesterday I was scrolling without problems, until it became very hard to feed the wood through the blade, like it was out of alignment.

    I stopped, adjusted the table (it was off, which was odd because I checked it not long before).
    Started up the saw, made a werd noise, like the blade tension was very loose, so I applied more tension (weird as well, because when I sawed before it was fine).
    Started up again and found out the saw went from left to right instead of up and down. Looked at the lower arm, totally out of alignment.
    Looked further, lower busing support bolt is broken.

    The bushing around which the lower arm tilts has a bolt through it that goes into the frame on the right side, and on the left side it has a 6 sided bolt (I think to adjust the alignment of the lower arm?).

    It's broken in the frame, can't get it out yet. Is it easy to get a replacement part and where is it available? Does this happen often?



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    Check with this company:
    Advanced Machinery
    FD Mike
    SD Mike


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      yes Advanced Machinery is the place to get HEGNER parts and advice.
      Hegner Polymax- 3,Hegner Multimax-3,
      "No PHD, just a DD 214"


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        Thanks for your help. It turned out that we have an importer in the Netherlands who has these on stock.


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          First time I have heard of that happening. I have two Hegners, the oldest is about 11 years and really have not had problems with it...the VIR went out on my other one, but and easy fix. Any idea what caused the problem?


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            Dr. Bob,
            You could also go the the Hegner company in Germany.
            They are great people and might save you some money. You could also get a tour of the factory.
            Hegner - Przisionsmaschinen fr die Holzbearbeitung
            FD Mike
            SD Mike


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