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problems with dewalt saw

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  • problems with dewalt saw

    I was having problems with the lower blade clamp holding. I took the table off and cleaned up the clamp, put things back togeather to try. Now the saw won't start at all. I've checked the fuse, unplugged it from a power strip and plugged it into a wall outlet...nothing. Any suggestions?


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    Clean out the switch area, I have to do that every now and then.



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      Hopefully its just the switch... depending on how old the saw is I'd take it to DeWalt and have them look at it - last time mine quit running like that (no apparent reason) they gave me a new saw - its still in the box, bought a Hegner while they were working on it and love the Hegner. Haven't decided what to do with the 788 yet.

      Good luck...
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        cleaned switch

        I took the cover off the switch and blew it out with an air hose. It works fine now.



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          Now get a foot switch not a sewing machine one it will burn out your saw motor. You want an on off switch tap it on or tap it off or hold it down and the saw runs but not a variable speed one like for a sewing machine.

          Plug into the switch, turn on your saw with the red switch and tape over it. Never touch your saw switch again and you will never have this problem again. But you have to place tape over the turned on saw switch. it is an inherent problem with the dewalt switch.

          Like one of these...Not advocating this particular one or this store just an example.

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            Wood-n-things is right on about the footswitch. I battled the on-off switch getting plugged with dust and not working for years. I would blow it out and it would work fine for awhile and then stop.

            I switched to an footswitch and have never had any problem since with the switch. It is such a simple fix. A new footswitch will cost $25-35 but it is worth every cent.


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              A foot on off switch is an excellent idea, Thank's Mike! I have the Dewalt saw and really like it. The only problem I have had is the switch. It seems a design issue with the Dewalt with dust getting into the switch. I notice the Excaliber has a rubber membrane over its switch to keep dust out.


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                Which would you recommend, the momentary switch or the on/off switch. There is not a big difference in price.



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                  we have had the same problem with both our dewalts. We eleminated the problem with a foot switch and taped over the switch on the saw to keep out the dust


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                    Or make a membrane covering from a latex glove. I cut a rectangle and taped it all around the switch so it would stay dust free. I think I used duct tape. It lasted for years, and the only time I had the machine refuse to start was when I removed it for photos and didn't replace it for a while.

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                      The only problem I have had with the 788 is the fuse went out one time on me.


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                        Hap, which kind is a matter of personal preference. I prefer the "dead man" switch, one you have to hold down for the saw to run. I don't have any trouble doing that and if a blade breaks or something goes wrong, it's a normal reaction to lift my foot, turning it off quickly.

                        Others feel they tire holding it down, so they use a foot switch that turns the saw on the first time you push it, and then off the next time. Your call.

                        BTW, you can buy either type at Harbor Freight for about 12 - 15$. If you find a coupon you can get another 20% off. I have one, and it works fine. Another thing to consider is using a cube tap on the power OUT cord, allowing you to plug the saw and a vacuum into the same switch. That way the vacuum only runs when you're sawing.
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                          What John said..
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                          "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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