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Has anyone tried the Razaire 530

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  • Has anyone tried the Razaire 530

    I am currently trying to come up with a better method for dust collection when I'm using my power carving tools and final hand sanding. There are several desk top portable dust collectors on the market. The Razaire is the most expensive, but seems to have the higest CFM's and the best design. Seeings as I am just starting out in the scrolling/Intarsia journey and envisage a long road ahead, I don't mind spending the extra money to get the best system out there. I figure I can make money everyday but not new lungs... Does anyone here have experience with these types of collectors. Models I'm considering are the Grizzly G9955, PSI DC725 ,Razaire 530 or Shop vac 1030000

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    I would hope it would be a good dust collector. $400.00 plus shipping is a bit much i'd rather get a dedicated dust collection system.
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      Whatever you buy, make sure that the motor is an induction motor. The universal motors have brushes that heat up and wear out with long periods of use, say hours at a time. Induction motors will out last the universal motors by many years, and when they do fail, its normally a bearing that can be replaced. I still use a "Drywall Vac" type of shop vac to clean up after work. It filters well enough to prevent dust fines from being blown thru the filter and back into the room.
      The next thing to consider is an upgrade to a 1 micron filter bag, again to prevent a lot of sanding dust from being passed thru the filter and into the room.
      That maybe overkill for some, but I have asthma and the choice is this or quit woodworking.


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