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  • what blade to use

    whats the best scrollsaw blade to use for cutting a 3/4 thick hard wood

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    Depending on detail I like either the Olson PGT 5 or the Mach series 3
    The PGT blades leave an exceptional finish on the hard woods like maple.
    RBI G4 26 Hawk, EX 16 with Pegas clamps, Nova 1624 DVR XP
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      I have had excellent results from the Olson PGT and Mach 3 also. Remember to put packing tape on one side of maple or cherry, else you can get burn marks.

      EX-16, DW-788, Dremel 1680


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        He is a customer and likes the FD blades.
        I had contact with him and all is fine.
        FD Mike
        SD Mike


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          I've cut 1" and thicker with FD and had no problems at all, but the #5 FD that I bought don't cut as quick as the Olson PGT just due to the teeth being deeper on the Olson. On my list is to cut the 3D chess sets and then speed will not be a consideration and I will probably use the FD blades.

          EX-16, DW-788, Dremel 1680


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            General cutting 3/4 Hardwoods Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse #5
            for very hard or larger wood then #7

            Portraits 1/8 Baltic birch
            1/4 Oak Plywood Flying Dutchman Penguin Siler Reverse #1
            Stack cut 2 1/8 otherwise it is very hard to cut.

            3D 1 1/2 wood Flying Dutchman POLAR #5

            1/2 Hardwoods Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse #3

            Puzzles 1/4 Baltic Birch
            Flying Dutchman Superior Puzzle blade
            The other John A. Nelson
            I just follow the lines and make sawdust
            on a Seyco ST-21 and a Yellow DW788


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              My favorite blades in hard wood are by far the Pegas Modified Geometry. They cut fast and leave an exceptional smooth and clean finish.
              The Olson pgt blades cut fast because the teeth are grinded and very sharp. But the problem is that the teeth are not set, so they don't turn well. On the Pegas blades each teeth is individually set, which makes them cut straight and also very turnable and easy to use.
              The FD blades are milled like the Olson Mach speed (both from Germany) and the big problem on the milled blades is that the teeth presents a burr always on the same side of the blade. This is why we need to compensate with a slight angle if we want to cut straight. It is also why they turn better on one side then on the other.
              You can check all this details by yourself with a loop.
              So for me it's definitely Pegas. I like precise and well made tools, it's probably due to my background as mechanical.


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