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How to square very small pieces of wood?

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  • How to square very small pieces of wood?

    I got a couple of the oddball assortments of wood from Larry and would like to square up some of the small pieces he sent. Those of you who have received these boxes will understand the sizes I am talking about.

    Essentially, there are a bunch of pieces that are (I haven't measured yet) about the length of pen blanks but only half as wide or less.

    I don't own a planer, table saw or a band saw and I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable passing a blade through these pieces unless I had a jig to keep my fingers clear.

    Perhaps a belt sander or router with a flush trim bit and holding the truest side of the wood to a fence? I'll still need to devise some way to keep my fingers clear.

    Thanks in advance for any help on the matter.
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    I have a 12" disk sander that I use for that. It has a miter fence or I make a jig if they are repeat size pieces.
    I also bought a couple of these I love them. super for small pieces
    The Micro Jig Grr-ripper - YouTube
    Some people (much braver than me) use double sided tape to put small pieces on a carrier board and then run that through the planer. I think that is nuts!.
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      I you can find a cheap hand miter saw, that will square up the ends. clamp a straight edge to the scroll saw table as a guide parallel to the blade. Use the biggest blade you have to cut the pieces square, then some sanding and you are ready to scroll, at least for small stock like inlay or intarsia.


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        A while back I clamped a board on my scroll saw table to use as a fence. Then put in the largest blade I had and used it to resaw small stock. Then put a sheet of sandpaper on something you know is flat and wipe the cut surface back and forth.

        I use a smaller band saw to slice 1/8" thickness with a fence, but you mentioned not having a band saw.

        I fully agree with Rolf that the people who send small pieces through a planer even if on a carrier are taking a big risk.

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          Is Larry still putting out those boxes..??
          If someone can remind me of the contact info for him I'd appreciate it...


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            Here's some contact information for ya from his August post
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              I also use a disk sander like mentioned above,then hand sand with a wood block with psa sandpaper on it.


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