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    I ordered this Branding Iron Wall Lenk CM125W Woodworker's Branding Iron: Home Improvement. I ordered in on April 19th and it arrived April 20th. I mailed the head ordered form on April 21st and the Head arrived yesterday. It seams to work really well but it going to take a bit of practice to get right each time since it take different time for different woods.
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    A friend of mine has a branding iron. He quickly learned the difficulty of getting the brand right in the first applicion, and how nearly impossible it is to line the head up properly for a second imprint. He made a jig that allowed him to apply the iron again exactly over the original imprint. I hope to have my own branding iron one of these days. Thanks for sharing.
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      Hey Dan, I have one almost like yours. The only difference is the last name is different!
      It does take some practice to get it right. I always practice on a piece of scrap of the same wood.
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        Dan, I was wondering if the heat is consistant or does it change with air currents or just heat to a certain temp & stay there. I tried a square block type of print on a piece of scrap wood, with my woodburning tool & it was way too hot. I only have a cheaper type of burning & not one with controlled heating elements. It was very tricky too, like you say, getting it lined up correct for the burn. That is a nice iron. Hope it works out for your use. I hand burn my ID on my scroll pieces. Looks good & thanks for the info.


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          One of my many fill in projects is a fairly easy method to produce my own brands.
          They won't be electric. Just heat with a small torch. More complicated then I thought it would be and complicated enough so I won't quit 'til I get it.
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