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Great day yesterday!

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  • Great day yesterday!

    I've been at this for about 4 years now. I started with the Dremel 1630, named it "Shaky Jake". Replaced it with the Dremel 1830, which is a much better saw, and was all I could afford at the time. I'd love a DeWalt, but ...the $$$...

    Originally, I got the saw just for building model airplanes, but I got tired of that, and started wood carving, helping my grandson cut out his Pinewood Derby cars, and making revolver grips and knife handles. Not the most challenging of projects. I figured that was about all I'd use the saw for, as I was using (and breaking) the pin-end blades at an amazing rate, and couldn't begin to do even the simplest project in the magazine!

    Anyhoo, I had been using the blades that I got with the machine, and some I got at the corner Home Depot with little success...probably my fault, really.

    Ooo, LET ME SING the Praises of Flying Dutchman blades! I had just finished stack cutting about 15 Christmas Ornaments, with more than average destruction of the pin-end blades in the 1 1/4 in. basswood stacks, and really lousy, rough cuts. FRUSTRATION!

    I had several chunks of cut-off stack left, and I looked at the FD blades that I bought a couple years ago, and had been hanging on my shop wall, and thought...I wonder??

    I sanded the ends of the Universal 5R blade to keep it from slipping, and WOW! NIGHT AND DAY! No blade slip-out, back tear-out, little sanding, and the things I did I couldn't before!! Puzzle cuts, tiny little pointy cuts, smooth curves, and WONDER OF WONDERS....I could cut STRAIGHT LINES!! Who'd a thunk it? What started as a 15 minute "just to see" session ended about 2 hours later!

    Can you tell I am excited about using my saw again, and have several projects in mind. Hmmmm...there's that fretwork clock I have admired for years...

    It IS a Fine and Pleasant Madness!
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    That is exciting. Congrats on finally trying those FD blades and having great success. Share some pics once in awhile with the rest of the gang....
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      They are great blades (in my opinion)!
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        The FD blades are night and day compared to most other blades.


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          I think it was Rolf who said it best: "There are other blades?"


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            Glad to see that new blades gave you a new outlook on scrolling.

            Getting away from hardware store blades gave me a big boost several years ago. Now, I think I would wait on a shipment and NOT cut if I had to use overpriced, under-performing blades.
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