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  • A few new tools

    Went out this weekend and splurged, bought a General International 18" bandsaw, a general International oscilating spindle sander, and a General International drill press. Getting all the tools lined up all I need now is an 8" jointer, 20" single surface thickness planer, drum sander, and a new table saw. But before those things I will add another 1000sq. ft. onto my shop, its way to small.
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    He who dies with the most toys.....WINS!!!!! Congrats on all the new toys.
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      I'd like to have 1,000 sq ft to work in! If I put your new acquisitions in my shed I wouldn't be able to close the door - from the outside!
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        Dude! When you splurge, you don't mess around!

        Congrats on the new shop and tools. Sounds like you will have a pretty nice set-up.
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          You are a man after my own heart! I love new tools. What will you be making that requires the scale of tools that you ar getting? i.e. 20 inch planer. These are all big boy toys.
          And of course you will need to post some pictures of your projects. Please!
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            Congratulations on the new toys. Very happy for you.
            As mentioned above, no room in my shop for those.
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              The tools I am purchasing are for a woodwork shop that I am putting together. I work construction and I plan on retiring from my job in three or maybe four years. I will start building my new shop early next year. When I am done with my regular job I will then work at home building cabinets, furniture, etc. Right now I do not have a lot of time to start any real big projects, I am just way to busy with my job.


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