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Ryobi 16" Scroll Saw Blade Holder Replacement

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  • Ryobi 16" Scroll Saw Blade Holder Replacement

    First of all, let me apologize if I am asking a question that has been answered several times. I did a forum search, and I think I saw what I need, but wanted to clarify. The last thread I saw was from 2007 and I don't want to dig up old posts...

    I recently bought a Ryobi 16" SS when HD was clearancing them out. I have been happy with it--as long as I keep the speed down. If not, the thing bounces like a fully loaded, out of balance washing machine .

    Tonight I fully stripped the hex head bolt that tightens the blade to the upper arm. Seems like a bad design. I hope I can get a replacement bolt tomorrow at Lowes--I know, not with that yellow knob on it. Never really used it, anyway.

    Ayway, enough rambling. Can I get a tool-less upper blade holder? I know it's a low end saw, but if I can get one reasonably, I will. I looked at, but was confused. The site isn't too user friendly. I have seen references to the "T250 at Wildwood" but will that fit my Ryobi?

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    I had to replace mine also last year. I just ordered a part from The replacement is the same as the original part. I don't know if there is a keyless replacement, but I ordered two parts so as to have a spare.
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      Steve, thanks for the link. I have a couple Ryobi tools (I love my DP12L drill press and venerable BT3100 table saw...) so that lnk is very handy.

      I got a new bolt from Lowes today. In case anyone runs into the issue in the future, I used a M4 .70x35 metric bolt. I could have gotten a shorter one, but the shorter ones were all slotted and not Philips. I will trim it later. It's not as "pretty" as the origninal, but I have it (set of 3) today for $1.20.

      Would LOVE to hear of a tool-less replacement blade older, though.


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        i usually buy 5 at a time from ereplacementparts, now it seems that i keep spares on hand they last longer lol


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