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  • correct tool to use?

    I am a beginner scroll saw user. My first project has turned into a night mare because i don't know if my scroll saw is the correct tool to use. I have cut out the word 'COWBOY' using a cursive font. All went well UNTIL now--What tool would i use to cut out the HOLES in the letters? I have several of these signs to make (and of course in a very short amount of time) Is there any other way to cut the holes out other than using the scroll saw and having to undo the blade and thread it through starter holes in ? ANY suggestions will be appreciated!

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    Re: correct tool to use?

    How big are the signs? It is possible to use a handheld sabre saw, but it's a lot harder to use than a scroll saw. Also, what kind of scroll saw do you have? Some saws are easier to change the blade with than others.

    Bob Duncan
    Fox Chapel Publishing.


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      Re: correct tool to use?

      Dana - and how THICK are the signs? If they aren't too thick you can stack up the layers of wood, tack them together in waste areas, and cut out more than one sign at a time. This depends completely on how thick the signs are and what thickness your saw will handle.
      The more you change blades, the easier it will get and the faster you'll do it ..... but it will never get less annoying. :P
      Good luck.


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        Re: correct tool to use?

        A sabre saw, a scrollsaw or a rotozip, any of them will do it!


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          Re: correct tool to use?

          But the scroll saw is, in my opinion, the easiest to control. The time spent changing blades makes up for the fact that you don't have to worry about starting all over again.



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            Re: correct tool to use?

            By all means use a scrollsaw. It is worth the effort in the end. No sanding, smoothe cuts, and in the long run you will save time more so than any other tool. Unless if all letters are round holes then drill out with a fostner bit of right size.
            John T.


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