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Excalibur EX-21 Issue with blade holder

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  • Excalibur EX-21 Issue with blade holder

    Hello everyone

    I was wondering if anyone had an issue with the blade holder on the Excalibur EX-21. There is an allen screw (#37 in the attached part disgram) opposite to the butterfly used to tighten the blade that keeps getting loose. The result is that this screw eventually turns inside the holder resulting in a bending of the blade and a misalignment when you tighten the butterfly. The fix is quite easy as you simply need to tighten that screw against the butterfly again.

    But it does not make sense that you cannnot lock this screw in a permanent position and avoid the loosening up.

    Am I missing something? Does anybody else have this problem?

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    I used BLUE locktight on mine an it holds good.


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      Like mentioned Blue Locktite.
      Bob making sawdust in SW Louisiana
      with a EX-21


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        Locktite is designed to keep screws or bolts from loosening. Apply a small dab onto the threads of the jack screw. Then install back into the blade clamp. The blue locktite allows the screw to be backed out when needed. Red locktite is permanent, so don't use it.
        You can find it in the auto department of most hardware stores, Walmart and of course Auto Parts stores.
        Dan in So.Ca.


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          Thanks folks. That will do the trick!



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            Hi use a little piece of FTP tape on the thread....geoff3


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