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  • FD-SP Average Blade Life

    I just cut my first puzzle with the Flying Dutchman Superior Puzzle blades from Mike. I think I used more blades than would be considered normal. For those of you using these blades how many blades would you have used to cut a puzzle similar?

    Here is some info about the puzzle.
    The wood is Poplar - 0.25" x 5.5" x 5.5" and had some cupping.
    The saw is a Hegner Multicut - 2
    The damage 16 FD-SP blades.

    At first most blade breaks were happening at the clamps and then more started happening in the middle. I've only recently started using this Hegner so I don't have much experience on it. Previously I cut two similar shaped puzzles with a FD-SR5 and still had blade life left. I would expect a longer blade life with the SR5 as it is wider (.0015 to .0008) has bigger teeth adn more spacing than the FD-SP.

    I'm just wondering how normal/abnormal this life is.

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