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    I ordered this drill press table Woodstock D4033 Drill Press Table: Home Improvement a few weeks ago. I was using it to day for the frist time. I found out it was a total piece of junk. Using hole downs on the table caused the t-slots to be pulled out and the when the mounting hardware that hold the clamps for mounting the table to the drill press pull out. I should have taken the advice I give people when buying tools "Dont buy Cheap you get what you pay for" waht I got wont even make good firewood.
    I'm not sure what table I go with next but I think I will be this Woodpeckers Drill Press Table: Home Improvement. I think I'll call Woodcraft in Norfolk to see if they carry it.
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    I learned my lesson buying cheap tools as well, got some Harbor Freight angle grinders cheap and burnt them out in 10 minutes. I have plans to make a drill press table but havn't had the time, maybe one of these days.



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      Arthur, I made a drill press table about 5 years out of MDF it had a handwheel type adjustable fence and was kind of nice. I didn't seal the MDF along the edges and I guess the damp air in my old shop caused the MDF to swell and the slides for the fence no longer worked very well. I tried to fix it but it was never the same. I could build another one but I think buying one is the way I'll go this time. I did fimd this.
      Complete Drill Press Table - Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 which is a more complete the the one at Woodcraft of just $10.00 more and they also carry this Drill Press Table Fence - Woodpeckers DP3FENCE. I can get both for about $170.00 and the shippping is free. So far that the best price around.
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      To all who serve or have served, Thank you
      Well I am the worlds greatest scroller at my house.


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        Check this table out.
        It's not junk.
        Rockler Drill Press Table and Fence - Rockler Woodworking Tools

        Liberty Twp (Cincinnati), OH

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          It looks like a good one Eric. I did see that reviews talk about the t-slots and inserts for mounting it to the drill press pulled loose that concerns me a bit since that the problem I had with the other one. Do you own this table?
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          Well I am the worlds greatest scroller at my house.


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            RE: Woodpecker Drill Press Table


            I bought a Woodpecker drill press table in 2006 and installed it on my ~13-1/2" dia slotted round drill press table. It has served me well. My Woodpecker is the old style Woodpecker that used 15/16" thick Baltic Birch plywood with top/bottom red laminate. On my table, the T-slot inserts are held in place using screws screwed into the plywood from the top of the insert. It's been a sturdy and accurate table for my purposes ... no problems to date.

            I note on the Woodpecker site that the current version of the Woodpecker drill press tables are now made of MDF. Woodpeckers Drill Press Table The description says that the T-Tracks are bolted in place from underneath so that should lessen the likelihood of T-Track pull out.

            So, my experience with the older version of Woodpecker has been good. I believe that Woodpecker offers good quality products so I'd expect the new version to also be robust.



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              I need something like this, good information here.

              Thanks for posting Dan.

              My sawdust gallery


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                Thanks Tom for your reply. The one thing that I really like about the Woodpicker is how the T-slots are mounted. I'm going to see if I can find some more reviews on it. I'm glad to be od help Ron. I really wanted my friend here to know about the Woodstock table and to stay away from it.
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                To all who serve or have served, Thank you
                Well I am the worlds greatest scroller at my house.


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                  Order placed the Woodpeckers Drill Press Table and Fence I orderd it from Woodworking Tools | Brazed Carbide tools, Circular Saw Blade, Router Bits Set, Drill Bits |Carbide Brazing they have great prices but what really impressed me was this. I had a question about order and a small problem I was having. So i sent a message to the live chat which is closed untill tomorrow morning. I was not in a hurry. I had a reply right away. One of the managers told me houw to take care of the problem. The reply was sent from her iPhone now that's great customer service. Check out the site thay have a nice line of tools and saw blades and their prices are really good and regular shipping prices are also good and they have free shipping for orders of $150.00 or more.
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                  To all who serve or have served, Thank you
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