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21" Excalibur question

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  • 21" Excalibur question

    I was looking over my saw and noticed that although the blade is square to the table sideways it is not square front to back. In the 1st photo I have installed a small straight edge in place of the blade and set my square to just touch the straight edge. You will see the square contacts the straight edge at the top but there is a gap at the bottom. This gap was .017" with the arms in the upper most position, .025" in the lower most position and .020" in the mid position. I felt this may present a problem, particularly, with stack cutting so I decided to reduce the gap by shimming the table. After lifting the back of the table about .125" with a couple of washers I now have almost no gap along the length of the straight edge as seen in the 2nd photo.

    I was just wondering if others had noticed the condition and if it effected your cutting ?

    Thanks for your time.

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    You can adjust this condition by loosening the 3 screws securing the motor and twisting the motor housing a little until aligned and then re-tightening the screws.
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      Mike is right about aligning the blade by twisting the motor on its mount. Do it with the motor running at a slow speed and with a white card set so you can see the blade motion while it's moving. When the back - front movement is gone, stop, tighten the screws and enjoy cutting.



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