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  • Ex-21??????

    Okay, I need some help from some of you with EX-21's. I ordered a saw from Seyco. When I got it, I was surprised at the vibration in it, but went ahead and started using it. The one day I was able to cut all day, it got a fairly loud "clatter" that got worse the longer I used it. I called Ray and we talked 3-4 times about possibilities. It never acted up again, but has a lot of vibration and cuts very rough - I'm getting tear out on the top of some plywood I'm cutting. So Ray finally decides to just send me another saw and exchange it for the original saw. It came yesterday and I got it set up on the stand that came with the EX-21 and turned it on. Guess what - it has about the same amount of vibration as the original saw! There isn't much vibration on the table behind the blade (back where the bolts attach the table to the saw body). But even with the blade and in front of the blade (where all the cutting takes place) there is a lot of vibration. I haven't tried yet, but I'm pretty sure, it isn't going to do much better on 1/4" plywood.

    Am I expecting too much out of the saw or by chance have I gotten 2 saws that have excessive vibration? I would like to do some finer fret type cutting, and I'm not sure these saws will do it. Is there a secret I'm missing?? I have a 19 year old Delta that I gave $275 for that does this good of a job. I'm just not sure what's going on. Any help from EX-21 owners and users would be greatly appreciated.


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    My ex21 I can stand a nickel on edge while cutting. I am very surprised you are encountering this problem. Ray usually tests all saws prior to shipping them. I'd call him again he strives for great customer service.
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      My EX21 does not vibrate.
      Bob making sawdust in SW Louisiana
      with a EX-21


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        My EX-21 is vibration free enough that the cup of coffee I sit on it doesn't move when the saw is running........unless I get careless and hit it with the board I'm cutting. Talk with Ray some more. He is golden with his customer service and will not be satisfied until you are completely happy with your saw.



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          I have heard of others with similar issues lately. When I got my saw I did not have vibration and still do not. I often put pieces to the same project on the saw and do not have them move a bit. I remember test sawing with an Excalibur at a Canadian trade show with the saw on a set of boxes. We stood a looney [Canadian dollar] on it and saw no issue even then.

          I understand that there are some adjustments that can be done - many of which may be in the instruction manual. My husband did all the "fine tuning" for me.

          I am wondering if General has such a demand for the saws that they are having production problems. Stay talking with Ray.
          Proud user of Excalibur, RBI Hawk, & Delta


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            I just purchased my EX-21 last summer and by no means an expert but have you adjusted the blade tension properly.It seems to me that this could only be the cause of vibration problem,or it may be a poorly fitted or missing rubber mount.It seems odd that you had 2 of the same saws act the same way. Good Luck !


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              I have an EX 30 and there is some vibration to it - a nickle wouldn't stand a chance. I'm thinking my floor isn't level and I need to do some minor adjustments there - have you tried that?


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                Thanks for all the thoughts. When you say a nickel will stand on it's edge while running, it that in front of the blade or behind it? I can keep a penny on it's edge behind the blade, but if I get in front of the blade - no way. I've got it on the heavy metal stand that came from Seyco and it is firmly on the concrete floor of my shop with all 4 legs so that's not the issue either.


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                  I just got an EX21 and a nickel could stand in front or in back of the blade without a problem. No vibration at all.
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                    having spent a lot of time with Ray on the phone, I have learned some questions to ask.

                    what speed are you running the saw at? I can run my old purple ex30 at about 3/4 speed before any vibration.

                    If you run the saw without cutting, does it still vibrate? Make sure the blade is tight. sometimes the blade will slip, causing a vibration. can you hear a ping, when you pluck the blade?

                    What blade are you using and what wood? I use #5 Ur on 3/4 wood. The big old blades don't work. at most I would use a #7.

                    The ex saws do NOT need to be flat on the floor, like some other saws. I have the back of mine raised about 4".

                    The more you can tell us the better we can help.
                    The other John A. Nelson
                    I just follow the lines and make sawdust
                    on a Seyco ST-21 and a Yellow DW788


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                      I can't understand how it can vibrate more in front of the blade than behind. Check that the scews holding the table down are tight, especially the front ones as the vibration is reportedly neer the front.



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                        I'm not understanding how you're getting "tear out" on top of the wood. It almost sounds like the blade is upside down. Are you finding all these problems when you're actually cutting something or do you also see it running the saw without cutting? On most speeds there should be almost no vibration.

                        I am suspecting something other than the saw. I would really check out the stand and also the surface it's sitting on. From what I remember, that stand was a real pain putting together and I was initially confused with some of the pieces as to which end was the top. Getting two "bad" saws from Rey, especially when he supposedly tests them before shipping, would be hard to believe. If the entire saw is sitting on a level solid surface, I would probably tear the stand down and reassemble it, making sure everything is just right.


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                          KeystoneCop - the vibration is active when cutting or not cutting and the higher the speed, the more the vibration. The blade is tight - get a nice tight "ping" when plucked. The stand is put together correctly and everything tight and level. I mainly use a #5 for 3/4" pine and usually a #2 for 1/4" plywood or hardwood.

                          Tom J. - The table is tight to the saw on all 4 bolts.

                          sawdust11703 - blade is in correctly. (Been scroll sawing for 20 years with a Delta. Just new to the EX-21.)

                          Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. But I'm still looking for solution. I'll have to get back on the phone with Ray maybe later this week. Full time job gets in the way of making sawdust most days! ;-)


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                            This is definitely a mystery. If I were in your shoes, I would check with Ray and see if you can send him a video clip and some pictures of what exactly is going on with the saw. Maybe he can figure out what is wrong by seeing the saw in operation. If so, I would video the saw running with a coin on edge and a cup of coffee to show how bad the ripples are due to the vibration you're having. Also maybe get someone to video you cutting something and show the tear out you're getting. If Ray thinks the problem is with the saw, insist he thoroughly checks the next saw before sending it out. Definitely let us know when you figure this thing out!


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                              Give you a quick update on the EX-21. The second saw that had the vibration began to clatter back in the motor/linkage area after about a 10 minute cutting session. I left the saw running and called Ray at Seyco so he could hear it. He was totally amazed at the clatter and vibration. The result is that he is shipping out another saw tomorrow. I hope the 3rd times a charm.

                              We did discover why I was getting tear out on top of the 1/4" plywood I was cutting. The reverse tooth blades I was using were clearing the top of the table about 1". The EX-21 has a much longer throw than the old Delta I was using - never had the problem with the old Delta. No tear out when not using reverse tooth blades.

                              I'll let you know what I get with the 3rd saw.

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