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Blade Tension Problem Porter Cable

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  • Blade Tension Problem Porter Cable

    I bought a 16" Porter Cable saw from Lowe's about 5 months ago and I am having problems keeping the tension on the blades. I will put in a new blade get the tension set and start cutting and may only cut for a minute or so and the blade has lost its tension and I have to cut out the side or stop and unhook the top of the blade and reset the tension. I have a hard time getting the tension set right when feeding thru a drilled hole to do an inside cut. What am I doing wrong. I am using FD blades. When the tension is right the saw cuts great. Sometimes it gets very frustrating. Anyone else having this problem?

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    I also use this saw and had that problem at first now that I take a piece of sandpaper and sand the ends of the blades on both ends it works great. I also use fd blades hope this helps. I found that the manufacters put an oil or other substance on the blades to keep them from rusting and if not sanded they slip in the clamps.
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      Thanks alot for the responce. I will sand the ends of the blades to see if that helps.

      Thanks - Mark


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