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  • Imagine my joy when...

    I went to Harbor Freight yesterday to buy their 4" belt/6" disc sander for $99.95 and when I got to the check out, it rang up on sale for $69.95! What a good day...

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    Be sure to buy some GOOD name brand belts and disks for your new toy....the ones that are included and in the store are JUNK ....i usually try to buy GATOR GRIT ......they are smoothe running and no belt thump.........the disks stay put and are still reasonably easy to peel off when needed.....mine is not the most powerful but still gets the job done if you take your time.......enjoy your new toy...mine is about 6-7 years old and still running .


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      I will, Mr. Ed... I get Gator Grit discs for my Randome Orbital. I'm glad to hear yours is still going strong. I know it's not the best machine, but for the price, it'll do what I need it to, which is basically outside curve pieces like bowls and, in the case of why I bought it, a round jewelry box.


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      • meflick
        Reply to What is it?
        by meflick
        Boredom has probably lead to many a great idea, invention, etc. throughout life. I too like this concept of mixer pieces storage.
        Today, 04:03 PM
      • markdavd
        Reply to Work in Progress. What is with FOX publishing?
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        There are a lot of good points brought up here. Some may be easy to correct, others not so much. As far as Fox Chapel replying to this thread, I am trying to imagine a response that would not have made at least some people upset.

        As far as the pattern size in the books, I believe the physical...
        Today, 03:23 PM
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        Reply to Work in Progress. What is with FOX publishing?
        by NC Scroller
        I often resize just to fit the size of the wood I have on hand. I agree this is a no win situation because of the various software, hardware differences plus the skill level of us, the end users. Even providing the patterns in a digitized format will no fix this because of the reasons I already mentioned....
        Today, 09:52 AM
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        Reply to Work in Progress. What is with FOX publishing?
        by Rolf
        John your original post is a valid question. It is a simple thing to put in the original scale assuming that it was on the original drawing. As a minimum the size of the material required can be stated, although that has been a confusion for folks that have built the clock projects. I field a lot of...
        Today, 09:22 AM
      • Quartz43
        Reply to Work in Progress. What is with FOX publishing?
        by Quartz43
        Maybe nothing has changed ? But is there anything that can be done to make it easier. The very large projects are difficult to copy over several pages and put together properly. I believe in making improvements and not preserving the status quo.

        I enjoy the challenge of cutting a project...
        Yesterday, 08:48 PM