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  • New saw already...

    So I just started getting into the scroll saw, bought a cheapy Ryobi from Home depot. All was going well with the unit, I was happy. Today, it's nice out, wanted to cut some projects. The upper blade clamp just wasn't holding my blade in. Further inspection, (bare with me I don't know the nomenclature) on the upper arm the screw was stripped. Darn thing is only a week old.

    Send her back to the store, only one HD seems to have is the Ryobi. I didn't want to deal with another problem so I went next door to Lowe's and picked up a Porter Cable 16" saw. Spend a few more dollars but I like Porter Cable and own several other products that I'm very happy with. Hopefully, no one has any horror stories with the PC saws.

    Anyway, I wish I just purchased this saw first, I like it so much better !

    My rant for today...

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    Your rant is duly noted....LOL Keep us informed on how you like the newest saw.
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      Just a couple of tips on that saw. Facing the saw, on the left side where it says Porter cable, you can remove that cover. Won't hurt it a bit, and MUCH easier to change blade. I always shop vac. the saw after using. Are you leaving the hold-down on it? Most scrollers remove it. Just gets in the way scrolling. That knob that holds the hold-down to the saw can be used in the top blade clamp replacing the smaller screw. That plastic insert on the table top can be popped out, and you can scroll a 1/8 piece of birch ply, sanded down a bit, to replace it. Makes blade changing faster, easier, and it's an instant zero clearance table. Last, think about getting a foot switch. They are $15 at Harbor Freight. I use the dead-man style. HF has 2 types. One is dead man, push down to run, lift foot for off. The other style is Push down for on, push down again for off. Oh, and clean the ends of your blades before using them.
      Happy scrolling!


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        Thanks for the info Paul. I'm still using the hold down since I'm new. Once I get a better feel I'll ditch it. I removed the cover like you said and yes MUCH easier.

        Foot pedal ordered!

        I do like this saw much better, it just feels more substantial.


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