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    I was just thinking about the choice I made to buy the Eclipse and wanted to talk a little about it. I as we are all at times was'nt sure which saw to buy. After much research and talking to you folks, I went with the Eclipse. Many folks warned me against buying it because it was'nt a big company, just a one man operation. Well, I thought you would appreciate a little update. Eight years later this saw still operates like new. I am amazed because it has been put through alot of cutting. I only cut 3/4 inch slabs and this saw has held up to every task. As far as service or questions, Ernie is just a phone call away and he spends as much time you need with him to answer you. The light bulb lasted eight years, I do have a new one being mailed to me at this point. My friend Mick Shambro likes the ex-30 and I heard it's a great saw, but as long as Ernie is making the Eclipse, that's what I'll stick to. If you have'nt guessed, I use to use the name Rain Man but had to change because of an email issue. Dont know I got the erge to talk about it, why but I just wanted to let you know that this is every bit of being a great saw. dogs

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    WEll I hope you feel better now.
    Thanks for the update, it is always nice to know that when you spend that much for a saw that it ends up being a good choice.
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      That is one saw you don't hear much about these days. I have never been around one, but it seems to be a well built saw.


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        I too took a shot in the dark about 6 years ago on an Eclipse. I had to go on reviews alone and had not even seen one in person. But it was one of my best purchases I have ever made. Since I mainly do intarsia it is the perfect design. Since it is so smooth, staying in the line is effortless.
        The only scroll saw I have not had the pleasure of trying out is a Hegner. But I have heard many good things about those saws.


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          Well I have a Love/Hate relationship with my Eclipse.
          Bought the saw 10 years ago, work it hard. I mainly do compound cutting so the stock is 1 1/2 inch thick. Last year I logged 934 hours of cutting time on it. I Love this saw!
          Now the hate part------
          2 years ago the light burned out. I have contacted Ernie numerous times over the last 2 years about getting a new bulb. His comment is I'll get one right out. Well I am still using a auxiliary light today.
          In Oct 2011 one of the relays stuck in the on position. I can't turn the saw off.
          Contacted Ernie again, You'll have 1 within 10 days to 2 weeks.
          Called again on Nov 21 same story,
          Called again on Jan 11, 2012 same story.
          So now I am using an auxiliary light and also a power strip fastened to the top arm with tie wraps to turn it on and off.

          So there is my love/hate relationship with the Eclipse saw. I've been cutting now for over 50 years and it is the best saw I have ever owned and used by far.
          But The service sucks!!!!
          With Ernie now 78 years old it's a shame that the saw will not live on.

          That's my 2cents


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            Well, I think RBI has tried to buy his patent in the past. If not, I'll go with Ex-30 if I ever need a saw. I hope I dont have the same problem getting a bulb. Getting too old to see the lines and I'm use to the bulb. Keep calling him. I have never had a problem with him really. He can be a little gruff but has always taken the time to help me. Any problems I've had with the saw turned out to be me not understanding the saw, but this was in early ownership. I'll just keep calling if I dont get it. lol Sorry to here of your problems with him. dogs
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              What kind of light bulb is it? I'm sure Ernie does not make the light bulb so there must be somebody that sells them. I would try taking it to an electrical supply if you have one near you and see if they can match it up for you, if not they can probably point you in the right direction for getting one. The same would also apply for the relay.

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                I've never tried an Eclipse, but I do love the design. Nothing like a blade that is always vertical without the front/back movement of an arm that is moving through an arc.
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