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  • excalibur scroll saw

    A warning to Australians.
    These models are made by a different manufacturer to the American models.
    There is a problem with the variable speed card. Carbatec knows about the problemand have asked the manufacturer to fix the problem but they have refused.
    I bought one in october, now I have to ship it back to carbatec to have the variable speed fixed. They will pay for the repairs but not the shipping.
    It seems a bit insane to me that they know about the problem but still sell them asis.
    It would have been a lot simpler to repair the problem before selling them.

    I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum to maximize traffic and get you more responses to your post.
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    Hmm, I just bought a 2nd hand carbatec saw with a non-functioning variable speed control, maybe this is why? (was the only one I could get, not enough moolah for a new one) Not sure what model this is but it's a 16" pinned blade model


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