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Dust Collection with Oneida Air Super Dust Deputy cyclone

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  • Dust Collection with Oneida Air Super Dust Deputy cyclone

    Anyone use a Oneida Air Super Dust Deputy cyclone with their DC. My experiment with making a Thein seperator does not work very well so thinking about trying the Oneida Air Super Dust Deputy cyclone, it would save a lot of time. Does 4" flex hose fit directly onto the Oneida Air Super Dust Deputy cyclone?
    Bob making sawdust in SW Louisiana
    with a EX-21

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    DC central system

    Tyman ,can I ask why you feel you need a cyclone ,volume ,large chips ?
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      I have the small Dust Deputy and it works great.I have cleaned my vacuum filter 1 time in about a year.I only have a band saw and sanders hooked to it and clean the floor debris from a power planer and circular saw.


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        I want to have a separator ahead of the DC To reduce the filter cleaning and prevent chips from going into the blower and I feel it would be easier to empty and the filter would not get dirty so fast.
        Bob making sawdust in SW Louisiana
        with a EX-21


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          I believe that the top port is 6" and the intake is 5" but they do sell adapters.

          I have the small Dust Deputy hooked on a shop vac and it works great.

          For Dust collection I have a cyclone lid on top of a drum. It works great on the thickness planer as it drops everything to the drum and I never empty the bag.

          I am going to rethink my whole dust collection system as it is real piece meal right now and I will have to think about this option too.

          Don McFarland ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club


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            The "Super Dust Deputy" has a 5" inlet and a 6" outlet. On the smaller "Dust Deputy" both inlet and outlet are 2".

            I have the latter and it works like a charm with my shop vac. After using it for a couple of years I think I have made it pay for itself on what I have saved on bags for the shop vac. Normally I use the setup in connection with my bandsaw, my scrollsaw, a small circular saw, and also regular cleaning jobs indoor.

            I have also used it when cleaning up outside after cutting firewood with the chainsaw. But I need to empty the bucket that gets the "dust" rather frequently when doing that kind of cleaning.
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              Sorry to jump in here tvman, but I wanted to ask all of you that use the Dust Deputy hooked to your shop vac a question. You say you have this setup hooked to your bandsaw and other tools. I do not have the Dust Deputy, but do have a 1HP system with a large bag that is sold through Sears stores. I use it with the 6" hose hooked to the planner and joiner. I have a Delta bandsaw that does not have a chute for the saw dust...I have heard of people cutting a hole in the lower door of the bandsaw and hooking a hose this way...are you folks doing this as well? If so, could you post a picture of your set up.



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