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help what to put it on ?

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  • help what to put it on ?

    hi please dont laugh i well new to this, my scroll saw is on its way Axminster Saws (the AWVFS).i have a problem i havent anything to put it on suggestions please, oh not got lot of money thanks tracey

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    While your waiting for your saw,use the time to read all blogs on this site you will find just about anything you could possibly need to know about scrolling from making a saw table to tips and tricks .after, you will have a good idea of exact questions to ask ?
    My Very Best !
    Good luck and welcome!
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      You really do not need a special table but they are nice. A lot of what/where you put it on will depend on if you sit or stand while scrolling and also your height. My saws are on a stands and I sit on a tall (30") stool. I am 5'8" and this is comfortable for me. Try sitting it on a work bench and use it a while. One piece of advice. Once you find a comfortable platform/height you want to bolt your saw to it. That will greatly reduce vibration.
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        aww thanks carl an scott
        i am thinking of putting on p.c stand i have if it will fit , with a paving stone on bottom ? i am on so many sites looking at scroll sawing its so interesting and so of the things people do is so brill,,,, i have bin told i need a hobby and this is what i want to do , just hope i can do it ?? i want to so much
        thanks tracey


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          Just about any flat surface will do, at least temporarily. Once you decide that you want a dedicated, permanent stand, you will have to determine if you want to sit or stand while scrolling. For good ergonomics, you want the table of the saw to be at a comfortable height. You don't want to be hunched over when cutting on the scroll saw. This will contribute to neck, shoulder & back discomfort.

          Once you have an idea how high the stand needs to be, then you can decide if you want to build your own or make use of a bench/desk/table, etc. It's really all about getting the saw to a comfoprtable working level and having a solid base beneath it to minimize vibration. Beyond that, the design concept is wide open.
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