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update on small EX 21 trouble

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  • update on small EX 21 trouble

    A few days ago I was telling about the trouble I was having with the tension lever staying in the down postion on my EX 21.
    What I ended up doing, an it fixed the trouble, was to clean the "oil" that was on the lever. Also I used a piece of fine sand paper an sanded the flat part of the lever so it sets flat when in the tension postion. It didn't take much just touched it up some.

    May help others if this happens to you.

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    Thanks for coming back and letting us know what worked for you. Glad you got the problem solved.
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      Thanks for the tip, now if I ever have that problem I will know what to do.
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        I recently am having the same problem with my EX 21. It seem to be getting real stiff working but the lever would sometimes still pop up. Most of the troubles was when I was cutting some thing hard like 3/4 inch ash. Tonight I took it apart and cleaned it. It seemed to solve the stiffness. Don't about the lever problem. I will keep your solution in mind. Thanks!


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          Had the same problem with my EX16, sanding and cleaning didn't help. A slight adjustment with the set screw next to the cam lever did the job (a half turn down), it was to loose. There wasn't enough tension on the cam lever when clamped although there was plenty of tension on the blade.
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            Well I'll add a thank you from the future...

            ..for when I finally get an Excalibur......

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