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  • Electro-file

    I have 2 Electro-Files and have lost the chargers during moving. On one model, the charging cord plugs into the unit. That one I think, just needs 3.6 volt dc wall unit. The other uses battery packs that are charged in a charging stand. Does any one know where to obtain the wall chargers for these or can you tell me the output voltage for the wall charger that plugs into the charging stand?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Have you tried a Google search for the make and model number? You will probably be amazed at the number of links for your tool.
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      The adapter that plugs into the wall and into the charging stand on mine is rated 6 volts at 300 mA. The batteries are rated at 3.6 volts ( 3-1.2volt ni-cads I am assuming).

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        do those electro files work good? a 1/4 stroke doesnt seem like much?
        how tight do the blades stay in the power unit? seems like some type of
        sander would be better then metal files?

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