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    Just got a new Dewalt 788, Got a great deal new almost no use for $175.

    When I put the blade in the lower blade holder the screw pushes the blade into the screw's hole and bends the blade to it no longer comes up straight above the table. The upper blade holder does not bend the blade.

    Having no experience with this, is this normal? seems odd to crimp the blade so severely?

    Brian A

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    Make sure the set screw opposite the clamp screw is about half way across the blade slot.
    You want the blade between the screws not the aluminum block
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      Do I have the blade in the wrong spot? Is the blade supposed to be crimped from the thumb screw pushing the blade into the hole? Or do your blades come out of the bottom clamp straight and not with a semicircle bent into the blade?


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        There is a set screw on the opposite side from the thumb screw it is out of alignment. You will need to use a allen wrench and turn it in so it is just past the flat surface so there is no indentation on that side. Use some blue loc tite so it does not move after it is set up. Clear as mud? <wink>
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          Actually I think it is clear. I was looking around at the exploded view and saw the set screw and kind of guessed it was out too far and thus the screw was pushing the blade into the hole.

          Thanks for confirming my thought.



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            You got it Brian. Just one of those things that we don't expect, & have to learn from experience. Those blades are very brittle also, so handle with care. You really got a deal on that saw. Normally it would be over $400. Enjoy it.


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              Thanks I am super excited with the deal. Glad to get rid of my old makita


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                Also check to see if the blade end of the thumb screw turns freely. There is a small O ring washer that holds the end in.


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