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Dual Tilting Table on Scroll Saws

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  • Dual Tilting Table on Scroll Saws

    I am looking at purchasing a new scroll saw and I see some models offer a table that tilts both left and right up to 45 degrees. How important is this feature?


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    When cutting scroll saw bowls or certain self framing pieces the ability to tilt is important. IMHO having a table that tilts in both directions is not critical. What is critical is developing an understanding whether the piece needs to be cut clockwise or counter clockwise to obtain the correct angles.
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      Since cutting clockwise with the right side of the table down gives the same results as cutting counterclockwise with the left side of the table down, and vice versa, a 2-way tilt is not necessary.

      The Hegner, for example, tilts 45˚, left side down, but only 10˚ right side down. Most saw tables tilt left side down, or both ways, but there are a few that only tilt right side down. Once you understand the principles, you can adapt any instructions to your situation. Don't even consider a saw with a table that doesn't tilt at all. It will prevent your doing a lot of interesting projects, like inlay and bowls.

      For simplicity and ease in following most instructions, it's probably wise to get a saw with a table that either tilts both ways, or left side down. There are plenty to choose from that meet that criterion, in all price ranges.

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        The tilt feature is necessary for me because I do a lot of inlay projects. I have two Hegnars which both tilt . I leave one set to 3 degree tilt to do all my inlay work.
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          The beauty of the EX is that the table doesn't tilt but the top arm with the blade does. This makes cutting angles much easier. When you have a saw with a tilted table, you're constantly fighting gravity trying to keep the object in place depending on the degree of angle. With the EX, you're cutting angles with the object on a level table. If you think you will be doing a lot of angles, you might want to give the EX some serious thought.


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