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EX-21 nylon set screw

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  • EX-21 nylon set screw

    Before Christmas I had contacted General International here in Canada on 2 occasions to ask if the set screw shown was still being used on the newer saws. After receiving no reply for a couple of weeks I contacted Ray at SEYCO. Ray promptly got back to me explaining he had forwarded my question to General as it was likely best for me as I was in Canada.

    Today I finally got a reply from General International, thanks to Ray's intervention, which states:

    "We had used this screw to add a slight bit of tension / preload to the slide block on the upper blade holder. On some saws it would turn itself down (we think through vibration) applying too much preload and prematurely wearing out the flip tension lever. After testing, we found that we could do without it."
    Just thought I would pass this info along to the other EX users

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    I bought the Ex-21 in December and expected there not to be one. On my machine it is still there.
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      THanks for the info! I will check my saw (Just got it!!) and see if I have one. Will keep a watch on the tension if I do...


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        Received my new EX21 the week before Christmas and there is a metal set screw in the upper block.
        Bob making sawdust in SW Louisiana
        with a EX-21


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          I just got a new EX30 and it's nylon. It's barely down 1/16". I can't find it on the exploded views in the manual. What is it for? The "set screws" are on the sides aren't they? I'm confused


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            Janette, the nylon screw has something to do with the flip lever that gives you the tension. Whatever you do, do NOT adjust it. Doing so will most likely damage the flip lever or wear it out prematurely. If someday you start to have problems with the flip lever, it may be that the nylon screw needs adjustment. But that should only be done after talking to Rey at Seyco because there is a certain way to do it and turning that screw too much will damage it. The set screw as you said, should be on the left side of that assembly.


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