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blade clamp problem with Hitachi CW 40

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  • blade clamp problem with Hitachi CW 40

    I am new to scrolling (actually bought my saw a couple of years ago but because of problems just now getting to explore scroll sawing). I found when I started to use my saw I found that, first the lower blade clamp bolt was missing. I called the factory and they sent a clamp bolt. When I went to install the clamp bolt, I found that the bolt will not screw in enough to tighten or even touch the blade. I called Hitachi and they said to box up the saw and send it to Georgia. I tried to get them to send me a new lower blade holder clamp, but they asked me to call an authorized service center. I tried this and after 4 phone calls a finally talking to a tech. The tech agreed I could CAREFULLY tap out the blade holder which should allow the clamp bolt to go all the way through to tighten the blade. Other than this, I really like my saw and it works great with pin end blades. I haven't broken a blade yet after a couple of dozen projects. Anybody else have this problem?

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    sounds like you might have had a one of a kind manufacturing defect in the clamp itself......i started out with a cw40, but after experiencing a bunch of small problems on 3 replacement saws from Lowes (bad motor, loose bushings in the upper arm, along with my inability to feed from the bottom i took it back and traded for another cheapy at Home Depot.(Ryobi) after 3-4 years its still going strong.


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      There is a wing nut to hold the Hold Down foot. It fits in the lower blade clamp wonderfully, and eliminates the need for a tool to tighten the clamp. Or at least there was when I got mine.
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        Blade clamp problem with Hitachi cw40

        Thanks for the info. I was able to clean the threads with a tap and it is now tightening the blade with bolt like it is supposed to.


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