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    Does anyone know where I can get a mini roundover bit that has a bearing that rides along the wood? I'm looking for one similar in size to the Dremel router bit but with a bearing. I've tried using the dremel bit to round over but it always cuts a grove where it rides along the wood in addition to rounding over. I need a bit that small in order to round over some toys that have very small gaps.

    I've seen MCLS brass piloted router bits. Has anyone tried those? Do they round over without leaving a grove?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    MLCS #6349 is a 1/16 radius and # 6350 is 1/8 radius I think that is about as small as you can get. I have not tried the brass piloted bits so I can't say how they work. Here is a link to the page I found MLCS Round Over Router Bits and Sets

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      Yes, I have used the brass piloted bits and they work fine for me, even on hardwoods.
      Dan in So.Ca.


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        MLCS does make some nice high quality bits. They will out last most of the bits sold at you local hardware store.
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          Originally posted by NC Scroller View Post
          MLCS does make some nice high quality bits. They will out last most of the bits sold at you local hardware store.
          I'll second that about MLCS. And they ship free!


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            Thank you all. I will order a couple of different sizes and see what works best.



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