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  • Hegner and Diamond

    Hi !

    Is there anyone who has tried both Hegner and Diamond fretsaws, and has experienced differences between their results?



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    Yes - me! My signature block's a bit of a give-away on this .

    Both are very good saws but I think the Hegner 2 shades it over the Diamond for sheer speed of blade changing (so long as you use the quick-release clamp). The choice is a no brainer if you're going to be making lots of piercing cuts.

    I also think the Hegner has slightly less vibration.

    However, the Diamond is a wonderfully powerful saw, capable of cutting hard wood which the Hegner can't cope with. It also a number of accessories such as a flexible drive shaft which can run off it, a circle cutting jig, and the capacity to use non-standard scrollsaw blades. The Diamond blade holder can also be rotated through 360 degrees, a great boon when working on large projects. Moreover, Doug Woodward (the manufacturer) gives excellent customer service and takes great pride in his machines; as far as he's concerned, they're guaranteed for life.

    I consider myself fortunate to have room for both machines in my workshop .

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      Now that's a feature I wish I had. I want to be able to turn the blade in different directions for oversize or extra long cutting. I also want a dust chute down under the blade with a net inside it to catch them little eyeballs and fingernails that sometimes fall through and get lost.
      Jeff Powell


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