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    A problem recurred yesterday that I am hoping the wisdom of the forum can help me with. I have a Hawk and, especially when using small blades, the top of the blade gets a bend in it after inserting it in the top blade holder a few times. The bend is enough that I can no longer get through the start holes when stack cutting. I have had the problem before and maybe only noticed it again yesterday because the stacks were thick. So the question is, what am I doing wrong?


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    its not just a problem with the Hawk Jax my Ryobi does the same thing just the very top of the blade
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      I don't have a Hawk but I have had that problem a few times. What I found is that the set screw had backed off some. All it took was a turn or 2 of the set screw and the problem was fixed.
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        well I have had that problem too. in my case. it was the clamp. i had screwed the clamp down to tight. and it got gruved. is that a word. and all i had to do was sand it off some . put a piece of sand papper in the grove. and sand off the grove. hope this helps. Evie also. if you are scrueing the balde down to tight. the clamp scrue will bend the top of the blade. this will make the blade brack right there. one of the things is . How in the heck do i tighten the blade down tight. whith no derictions. well just tighten it till it stops. and then one more turn. 1/4 turn. not all the way around. you know you still have to make the tention tight. and thats another 1/2 turn on the blade,. does this make sence.?? Evie ps. you say bending blade. well. what do you meen. like top to bottom. like in loos tention. or side to side. like in not leavale to tabale.
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