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small finishing sander recommendation

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  • small finishing sander recommendation

    I would like suggestions for a small finishing sander I can use on my scroll saw items. Brand.....model number etc.
    I thought it would be easier with 1/8 inch stuff I could place it on a pad and and sand it then flip it over. I can't hold a thin piece on my belt sander. I don't want a
    random orbit one.
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    Bill I think you might really like the random orbit. I use a bosh, and Dewalt for everything and like them allot.


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      Ditto the random orbit.

      Next choice is a 1/4 sheet palm sander. Now you must only go with the grain in using it, where a ROS can go any direction.

      Or use a block and hand sand.

      Sorry, there just are not a lot of choices. Pick a style. Variable speeds run more than single speeds. Personal opinion, YMMV, the paper matters more than sander.
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        I have a Dewalt ROS and love it for sanding small items.


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          I have a Dewalt 1/4 sheet random sander and I love it. It's the square sheet model not the round model. I can't say enough about the tool. It's very durable (survived many free falls off of my bench) and easy on the wallet. I buy sandpaper in 9X11 sheets (big box store, Wally World, etc) and cut them into 1/4 sheets. It's much more economical then buying the round paper. I keep 220 in mine and if I need a more aggressive grit, it's just a few seconds to swap out the paper.

          Hint: If you do other type of woodworking, put brown paper bag from the grocery store in the sander and use that. Brown Paper bag is equivalent to 10,000 grit and it leaves a very smooth finish. I learned this from my Dad. He's a retired Shop Teacher (34 years) and is a master woodworker. He showed me that using brown paper bag prior to finishing a project makes a huge difference - and he also uses it after using Poly on wood to smooth up the finish and bring out a wonderful shine to the surface.
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            I have never heard of anyone using these type of sanders on scroll work. How are you able to use this on scroll work without breaking off delicate pieces? A lot of people in my club have the sand flee to do this job. I haven't made the plunge on that, mostly because I feel that product is a rip off price wise.


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              I have found that laying the piece on a non-skid mat on a flat surface or my 6" belt sander allows me to use either a palm sander or ROS. Had not thought about putting the brown paper on the sander. Have used it by hand for years to buff the finished project.


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                I use random orbit sanders (Porter Cable, Ridgid and Milwaukee) for the vast majority of my power sanding needs, both for general woodworking as well as scrollwork. However, I rarely use it on a piece that I've already scrolled. I always sand the blank to whatever grit I want before scrolling. Any sanding after the cut, to remove fuzzies or adhesive residue, is typically done by hand. If the piece is larger and not all that delicate, I may use the ROS set at a slower speed.

                I have a Porter Cable 1/4 sheet vibrating sander, but it rarely gets used anymore. For me, the ROS does a better job of sanding, does it faster and has much better dust collection capabilities, when hooked up to the shop vac.
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                  I took a 1/4 sheet sander and flipped it upside down and bolted it to my workbench. Now I have a sanding surface that is fixed, and I can use two hands on small items that need to be sanded....
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                    I also sand the wood with my ROS to 320 grit before applying the pattern. Little or no sanding to the good side is needed after cutting. I either use the torch method or sand by hand to remove fuzzies from the back side.
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